Auto Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Save money on your auto insurance … really!
Quickly and easily compare your current rate to see if and how much money you can save. Find out how.

Your Guide to Pennsylvania Automobile Insurance
Having the right insurance coverage may prevent you from suffering a large financial loss in the event of an automobile accident. Read more.

Automobile Insurance in Pennsylvania FAQ
Car insurance questions and answers to help you find the right coverage, the best carrier and get a quote from multiple carriers so you can get your policy and drive safely. Read more.

Auto Insurance Glossary
Get a general understanding of the terms you may hear that are associated with automobile insurance. Read more.

Progressive® Snapshot®
Plug a little device into your car and within 30 days, you could save up to 30% extra!
The better you drive, the more you save with Snapshot, Progressive’s usage-based insurance program. Sign up today during your auto quote, and we’ll send you everything you need to start saving. Find out how it works.